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Thomas J. Healey

Healey Development LLC
Morristown, NJ

Tom Healey is Partner of Healey Development LLC and a Senior Fellow at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.
Tom is a retired partner of Goldman, Sachs & Co. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Mr. Healey served as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for Domestic Finance under President Ronald Reagan. Before joining the Treasury, he spent eight years at Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc., where he was head of the Corporate Finance Department.
Tom was Trustee and Chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation Investment Committee and served in similar positions at Georgetown University. He has been involved with other charitable institutions, including the Trustees of Reservations in Boston, Morristown Memorial Health Foundation, and the Maryknoll Missionaries. He was instrumental in guiding the fundraising for St. Mary's Mission Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. He also served on a number of educational boards, including the Hoover Institution, Portsmouth Abbey School, Delbarton School, Resurrection School, and the Tri-County Scholarship Fund.
Tom serves on the board of Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities (FADICA), an international association of Catholic philanthropists, and serves on the board of the Leadership Roundtable.
Tom is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Counselor of Real Estate. He graduated from Georgetown University in 1964 and Harvard Business School in 1966.