Cristo Rey Network
11 East Adams Street, Suite 800
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Phone: (312) 784-7200

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Cristo Rey Network national office team. To contact an individual Cristo Rey school, please visit our School Profiles.

Elizabeth Goettl
President and Chief Executive Officer
(312) 784-7202

John P. Foley, S.J.
Chair Emeritus and Chief Mission Officer
(312) 784-7203

Brian D. Melton,
SVP for External Relations and General Counsel
(312) 784-7217

Philanthropy, Communications,
Alumni Relations

Brenda Morris
Chief Advancement Officer
(312) 784-7208

Audrey Michaelson
Advancement Manager

(312) 824-6081

Jessie Fenton
Associate Director of Communications and Alumni Relations
(312) 784-7216

Brianna Sloan
Alumni Relations Manager
(312) 824-6086

Please direct all media inquiries to Jessie.

Leading and Learning

Mary Kearney, Ed.D.
Chief Academic Officer
(312) 784-7212

Michael Heidkamp
Director of Leadership Development and Support
(312) 784-7211

Jon S. Robertson
Director of Academic Support

Dao Kambara
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
(312) 784-7210

Corporate Work Study

Teri Johnson
VP of Corporate Work Study
(312) 784-7207

Deacon Bill Garrett
Director of Business Development

New School Growth

Conor Heaton
Director of School Growth and Associate General Counsel
(312) 784-7219

College Initiatives

Stephanie Arias
Director of College Initiatives
(312) 784-7205

Bianca Paiz,
Associate Director of College Initiatives
(312) 824-6083

Mission Support and Operations

Mark Bazin
Chief Technology Officer
(832) 930-1592

Melissa Kinzler
Chief Financial Officer & Director of HR
(312) 784-7213

Meagan Chuckran
Director of Strategy and Accountability
(312) 784-7218

Roberta Hannigan
Associate Director of Finance and Administration
(312) 784-7215

Mosie Duhe
Data Program Manager
(312) 784-7214

Charlotte Klein
Salesforce Success Manager
(312) 824-6082

Lisa Galullo
Office Manager
(312) 824-6087