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Open a School

“The future belongs to new models of Catholic education other than the tuition-based model. Tuition keeps going up and we keep pricing out the students and families who are most in need."

- Bishop Michael Barber, S.J., Diocese of Oakland, CA

With 25+ years of proven student results and successful school replication, the Cristo Rey movement is a vibrant and innovative contributor to the education landscape. The Cristo Rey Network national office's School Growth team, along with national office subject matter experts, work with local
communities to open new financially and academically sustainable schools that deliver a best-in-class education to families from the lowest income quartile.

Replication Process

We lead an institutionalized replication process that typically takes 36 months to complete:

  1. Feasibility Study Application: Local organizers submit a Feasibility Study Application to the Cristo Rey Network that demonstrates a commitment to the Feasibility Study process; procurement of a core committee of skilled leaders and volunteers; background information on the community to be served; sufficient threshold of local economic activity; and Diocesan approval of the proposed Study. The national office School Growth team regularly meets in person and virtually with local organizers.

  2. Feasibility Study: Under the guidance of the national office School Growth team and subject matter experts, the 18-month Feasibility Study process mobilizes the local community to validate that a Cristo Rey school will succeed in the prospective market. The thorough feasibility assessment examines demographic data, educational opportunities for students with limited economic means, religious, philanthropic and business community support, and other relevant market information. The local organizing group submits the findings of their study in a Feasibility Study Report, which must be completed and presented to the Cristo Rey Network Board of Directors no later than 24 months after the approval of the Feasibility Study application.
  3. Launch: Following completion, submission, and approval of the Feasibility Study report, the new school’s president and leadership team members will work closely with the Cristo Rey Network national office staff on the Launch phase of the school, the 18-month period prior to opening. The national office staff provides all available replication and benchmark documents/templates to Launch schools, along with implementation support. During Launch, the school must meet a series of quarterly benchmarks. In addition to the School Growth team, national office subject area experts are engaged with the school to share demonstrated best practices in all critical organizational areas. 
  4. Year One Leadership Team Planning and Support Program: Our Year One Leadership Team Planning and Support Program ensures that new the new Cristo Rey High School operates in accordance with the results and plans outlined in the Feasibility Study and carried forth during Launch, to support a successful transition from Launch to Year One of operations. The national office team helps to identify and curb potential challenges that might impede the progress of the school fully achieving its mission. Further, the school leadership team receives guidance and support from peer Cristo Rey
    educators to lay a strong foundation for long-term success.
  5. Open, Full Membership in the Cristo Rey Network: Cristo Rey Network national office staff reviews the school's progress and makes a recommendation on full membership to the Board of Directors following the first year of enrolled operation. Once elected to full membership in the Cristo Rey Network, the Cristo Rey school has the full rights of membership subject to the terms of the Membership Agreement.

The School Growth Team actively seeks to open new schools in metropolitan areas with a population of at least one million people and is integral in the replication process through:

  • Active participation in the Feasibility Study Committee meetings and activities
  • Onsite support via travel to key meetings and events
  • Webinars, cohort calls, and other communications designed to facilitate the sharing of best practices amongst feasibility studies, existing Cristo Rey member schools, and national office staff
  • Standardized forms, materials, and processes throughout all stages of school development

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