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Cristo Rey Network Named Salesforce’s Education Summit Winner of Excellence in College and Career Prep
Jessie Fenton


The Cristo Rey Network has been named the recipient of the 2022 Education Summit’s Excellence in College and Career Prep Award! Voted on by the education community nationwide, the Cristo Rey Network receives the best in class recognition given to an exceptional K-12 educational institution or system using Salesforce to prepare students for success in college and future careers. 

“Salesforce is an innovative platform at the forefront of our efforts to enhance resources and tools towards efficient and data-driven processes across Cristo Rey schools, nationwide,” remarked Elizabeth Goettl, President and CEO of the Cristo Rey Network. “We are humbled by this recognition and look forward to our continued partnership with Salesforce to design and deliver sustainable solutions in response to schools’ needs.”

Since 2017, the Cristo Rey Network has scaled from 5 to 36 Cristo Rey high schools using two custom built and shared Salesforce solutions - Gradforce and Work Studyforce - to manage the organization’s distinctive Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) and Alumni Advising initiatives. Schools’ CWSP teams leverage Work Studyforce to manage sales functions, in addition to critical operational functions, including student job placement, scheduling, and timecards. Gradforce, the Alumni Advising tool, strengthens the capacity and work efficiency of alumni advisors through mass texting and emailing, enrollment and graduation reports, risk tracking, and more. 

Using Work Studyforce, school team members:

  • Advance their schools’ sales capacity through job pipeline management, integrated contract signing, and real-time reporting
  • Support student workers through job placements, work scheduling, and daily timecards
  • Ensure partner engagement by logging site visits and sending integrated satisfaction surveys

Gradforce enables Alumni Advisors to:

  • Monitor student enrollment, persistence, and graduation from colleges and universities around the country using National Student Clearinghouse data
  • Update alumni on critical financial aid, scholarship, and event information through integrated mass and 1:1 texting and emailing
  • Support students in person by accessing alumni information through the mobile app and logging campus visits

In the school year 2021-2022 alone, Cristo Rey’s implementation of the Salesforce platform has enabled school teams to support thousands of alumni in college, as well as 8,000+ student workers and 5,000 supervisors across 2,300 Corporate Partners.

“Through this centralized system, Cristo Rey Network schools have gained critical, previously inaccessible insights into our programs’ successes,” stated Charlotte Klein, Associate Director of Salesforce Solutions at the Cristo Rey Network. “As we continue to expand our use of the Salesforce platform, we will begin to see valuable trends linking CWSP and College Initiatives, answering questions around student employment and college majors, CWSP industries and college success, and expanded partner engagement.”

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