Hire a Team of Students

student workers are welcomed as an integral part of our team, given regular responsibilities just as our employees, and expected to be productive contributors in their departments. Not only do the students live up to our expectations, but our employees also have the opportunity to mentor young people in our community–this is a successful program all around.”

- Rick Hans, Divisional Vice President
Investor Relations & Finance, Walgreen Co.

The signature and differentiating component of Cristo Rey schools is the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). Through this innovative program, students earn a majority of their education cost, gain job experience, and realize the relevance of classroom learning while providing real services to local businesses. In turn, CWSP helps address workforce development challenges most companies face by developing minority candidates with the social and technical skills to perform the jobs of the future.

How it works

Companies contract with the Corporate Work Study Program for full time, entry level jobs. The CWSP is separately incorporated, functioning like a temporary employment agency within Cristo Rey schools. Cristo Rey students are employees of the CWSP, not of the Corporate Partner. Thus, the Corporate Partner pays a competitive annual fee to the CWSP, not to the student. Four students share one job and provide coverage Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., from August 1 through June 15. Students rotate their schedules, each working five full days a month. Academic schedules are structured so that students never miss class.

All payroll, legal, tax, logistics, and transportation issues are handled by CWSP. The US Department of Labor has authorized Cristo Rey to operate the Corporate Work Study Program within federal child labor laws. All Cristo Rey students complete proper I-9 form documentation. By providing one job, your company gives four students an opportunity for a great start to their business careers.

Benefits to Business

  • Reliable, Successful Workers – Cristo Rey students have a 98% daily attendance rate and 95% “meet or exceed expectations” on performance evaluations completed by supervisors.
  • Diverse Talent for the Future Workplace – Cristo Rey schools are creating a 21st century pipeline of skilled, minority workers that corporate American can employ.
  • Giving Back – What better way to give back to the community than by mentoring and cultivating tomorrow’s work force? Cristo Rey schools and the Cristo Rey Network national office provide marketing opportunities for participating companies to promote their community support initiatives to community leaders and all their stakeholders.

Benefits to Students

  • Financial Aid – CWSP provides a stable source of revenue to fund school operations. All CWSP earnings are applied towards student tuition, covering the majority of the cost of students’ education.
  • Real Work Experience – Cristo Rey students work real jobs in law, finance, healthcare, technology, marketing, university and many other professional offices. Students develop and hone social and technical skills in practical context.
  • New Horizons – Cristo Rey students not only learn about future career possibilities, but also apply classroom lessons to their workplace experience, making clear the relevance of their schoolwork. Successful business leaders are role models for students, elevating self-esteem and confidence, inspiring new goals, and raising future ambitions.

Frequently Asked Questions