Open a Cristo Rey High School

The Cristo Rey Network’s School Growth Team works with local communities to open Cristo Rey schools – two per year, on average – to bring a best-in-class education to more deserving youth. During the process of developing a new Cristo Rey school, multiple local partners are involved to ensure there is both sufficient need and interest for the school to succeed in the community. We seek partners for the primary roles, which include:

Local Diocese

As Feasibility Studies must be sanctioned by the local diocese, the Cristo Rey Network requires a letter from the local Bishop granting permission to commence a Feasibility Study. A local Diocese may also contribute either or both financial and physical support, including helping to fund the Feasibility Study or donating/leasing a vacant building as the site for the new Cristo Rey school at no or minimal cost.

Religious Sponsors + Endorsers

Religious order(s) assure that the school is Catholic in identity and mission. The community has the obligation of developing a local culture that is faithful to the guiding principles of the Cristo Rey spirituality and the Cristo Rey Network Mission Effectiveness Standards. Religious order(s) often assist with staffing the school and typically make a commitment to ensure the financial viability of the school.

Community Leaders

Our School Growth Team helps to recruit local business, community, church, education, and philanthropic leaders to participate on each Feasibility Study Committee, which executes fundraising, job prospecting, site selection, board formation, marketing, and other matters. Committee members bring professional capacity that strengthens the study and the launch of the school.

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