John P. Foley, SJ Legacy Fund Honor Roll

Nearly 100 Cristo Rey friends and family have invested in our Fund to sustain our movement for decades to come.

As of December 15, 2020

Radm. Robert and Mrs. Louis Abele
Marilyn Antonik
Kevin and Thayer Baine
Dian and David Barth
Robert Berner
Rob and Susie Birdsell
Elizabeth Brennan
Mary C. Buckley
Alice Rae Casey
Robert and Catherine Cerone
Maureen Chavoen
Chicago Blackhawk Alumni Association
Daniel and Karen Considine
John and Rosemary Croghan
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Dold
Frank and Patricia Eames
Loretta Egan
Endlichhofer Trust
Patrick J. Foley
J. Patrick and Anne Gallagher
Jane E. Genster and John J. Buckley, Jr.
Ralph and Sonja Gilliland
Mark and Mary Gliva
Robert and Elizabeth Golden
Ann and Jim Good
Richard and Rebecca Griesser
Roberta Hannigan
Most Rev. Bernard J. Harrington
Barbara Hasbrook
Pete and Annette Hasbrook
Michael and Patricia Haverty
Barbara and Michael Heaton
Meredith N. Hedrich Living Trust
Carol Heffernan
Mrs. Tempest Hinkamp
Charles and Linda Hoffman
Lucille M. Hornby
Sue Hutsebaut
Nancy Witte Jacobs
Michael and Rae Khoury
Matthew Kilcoyne
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey King
Thomas and Margaret Kloempken
Daniel J. Knepper
Lydia Krebs
Fred and Suzanne Kueppers
Theodore and Carolyn Kueppers
Beth and Matt Lambrecht
Dennis and Pam Lucey
Geoffrey Lutz
Thomas and Sandra McBreen

Alex and Sheila McClement
Maureen McGinnis
Edward J. McLaughlin
Rich McMenamin and Patty Mulvihill
David K. and Judith McNulty
Brian Melton
Mints Family
Kevin Mize
Teresa Moran
Joan Murphy
Patricia Nold
Dennis and Kathy O'Keefe
James and Sharon O'Sullivan
Jeanne Oelerich
Bill Oppegard
Robert and Kathryn Otter
John and Joanne Person
Agnes Piszczek
Karen Wildhaber Pritz
Puckmesiter LLC
Tom and Linda Rinella
Colleen Sanguinetti
John and Nancy Scheid
L. Anne Schrauth, P.T.
Richard and DJ Shantz
Leo and Martha Sheridan
Martin Spalding
Joanne M. Stevens
Donald and Lisa Stewart
Roger and Susan Stone Family Foundation
Margaret Tallon
Frank and Jane Tighe
Bob Verdi
Lambert and Eleanore VonBank
Robert and Joan Waghorne
Bruce Wald
Sheila and Roger Ward
Mark W. and Florence M. Waznak
Richard and Marilee Wehman
Richard Wekerle
Ms. William W. Wirtz
Nicholas and Kathleen Zagotta
John Zavislak

About John P. Foley, SJ

Chair Emeritus and Chief Mission Officer John P. Foley, S.J. has led the start-up and growth of the Cristo Rey movement over the last 25 years, from a single school in Chicago to a national growing network. Fr. Foley’s inspirational leadership and tireless charisma have inspired the collective involvement of our entire Network. His visionary courage in dreaming the impossible and shaping it into reality is helping to expand access to Catholic education and changing the life trajectories of thousands of students who would not otherwise have access to a career focused, college preparatory education.