Cristo Rey Network Launches Two New Feasibility Studies in Orlando and Seattle
Jessie Fenton

The Cristo Rey Network is pleased to announce the launch of two new Feasibility Studies to explore the viability of Cristo Rey schools in metropolitan Orlando and Seattle. The findings of these studies could expand the movement’s reach to 42 schools by 2025.

The national office's School Growth Team, along with national office subject matter experts, will lead an institutionalized, four phase Replication Process that typically involves a 36 month Study and Launch period in each market. Generous investments from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and The Drexel Fund, coupled with philanthropic gifts locally and nationally, will support the school growth cycle driven by the national office:

  • Feasibility Study Application: Local organizers in a respective community submit a Feasibility Study Application to the Cristo Rey Network that demonstrates a commitment to the Feasibility Study process, and the leaders and resources to complete it.


  • Feasibility Study: The 12-24 month process mobilizes local communities to determine whether a Cristo Rey school could succeed in their market. Findings of the Study are accompanied by the successful completion of the following milestones: raise $2.5 million in new cash and pledges (for operations only); secure religious sponsor; appoint president and founding board; complete 40 community leader interviews, and collect 100 parent and 300 prospective student surveys; secure 35 letters of intent from corporations committed to hiring a team of students; and, confirm a school site.  A successful and approved Feasibility Study results in associate membership in the Cristo Rey Network


  • Launch: Each school in the 18-month Launch phase that follows a successful Feasibility Study must meet a series of benchmarks in the areas of school leadership, logistics, technology, faith formation, facilities development, finance, academics, Corporate Work Study Program, and advancement. The school submits quarterly benchmark reports on each of these areas, and participates in quarterly calls with Network national office staff to discuss their progress. National office staff are significantly involved with new school leaders in their Launch phase to communicate benchmarks and demonstrated best practices in all critical organizational areas. For example, our Leading and Learning Team supports new schools’ principal and teacher hiring processes, delivers curriculum implementation trainings, facilitates professional development for principals and faculty, and, as requested, meets with the local superintendent of Catholic schools.


  • Full Membership in the Cristo Rey Network: Following the first year of enrolled operation, a Cristo Rey school may apply and be approved as a full member in the Cristo Rey Network.


Poised to support 50 Cristo Rey schools serving 20,000 students annually in the decade ahead, the Cristo Rey Network is actively engaged with several target communities in the organization’s growth pipeline to open schools that will provide more families equal access to a transformative, Catholic education. For more information, or to get involved in the Feasibility Study in Orlando or Seattle, contact Conor Heaton, Director of School Growth & Associate General Counsel.