Deloitte Foundation Scholars Impact Update
Jessie Fenton

Deloitte Foundation made a tremendous impact at 31 Cristo Rey schools and the class of 2021.


During college decision season last spring, we announced that the Deloitte Foundation made a $558,000 grant to provide $18,000 for college scholarship funds to each of the 31 Cristo Rey schools with a graduating senior class. 70 students in the Class of 2021 have since been named Deloitte Foundation Scholars to pursue majors in accounting, computer science, and/or data analytics. 

In its mission to drive initiatives that help prepare the next generation of diverse business leaders, the Deloitte Foundation is proud to award these scholarships to Cristo Rey high school students," remarked Janet Foutty, executive chair of the board, Deloitte US and chair, Deloitte Foundation. "During the pandemic, the disruption to education has been dramatic, particularly for racially and ethnically diverse communities. We are excited to help propel these high-performing students on their journeys from high school, to college and career success."

Our scholars recently expressed their profound gratitude to the Deloitte Foundation for its investment in their college success.

Being a first-generation student, college means everything to me, and with the ongoing pandemic, the road to higher education has only become more challenging when it comes to covering tuition. I’m grateful for Deloitte’s help in reducing that challenge and making my transition into college a bit easier.” -Jhazmin, Cristo Rey San Jose ‘21

I always wanted to attend college. My family always pushed me to keep my grades up and study hard. Because of this scholarship and my hard work, I don’t have to worry about finances while I’m focusing on school." - Jeremiah, Cristo Rey Baton Rouge ‘21
"COVID made my last year of high school challenging, which meant I had to push harder than previous years. I felt doubtful, fearful, and had many other negative feelings because I was unsure of how exactly I would continue with college. The Deloitte Foundation scholarship has since removed all the negative thoughts and feelings and has allowed me to focus purely on my studies. I can't express how thankful I am for the Deloitte Foundation scholarship because it will be a tremendous help in achieving my dream of graduating from college." 
- Fernando, DePaul Cristo Rey (Cincinnati) ‘21