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Cristo Rey Network Launches CWSP Curriculum Implementation Fund
Cristo Rey Network Launches CWSP Curriculum Implementation Fund

August 16, 2019 (CHICAGO) – Today, the Cristo Rey Network announced five Cristo Rey school grant recipients for the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) Curriculum Implementation Fund. The two-year, $300,000 Fund will seed each school's implementation of daily, four-year college- and career-readiness instruction.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the CWSP Curriculum Implementation Fund will support the following replicable projects designed to achieve CWSP curriculum benchmarks and foster Cristo Rey students' progress towards 21st century college- and career-readiness:

Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School: To support the incorporation of Microsoft Office certification into existing academic courses (Computer Science and Economics) for each grade level in order to provide students with transferrable skills for college, the workplace, and life, while aligning that summative content with CWSP Curriculum formative benchmarks.

Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School (Lawrence): To support the development of a fully-integrated CWSP-Academic curriculum that addresses both college readiness and career preparedness in a seamless manner for students. Clear expectations, documentation, and accountability strategies will support new academic and CWSP liaisons to align benchmarks and integrate AES across students' Cristo Rey experience.

Cristo Rey Oklahoma City Catholic High School: To provide Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) professional development for multiple faculty and CWSP staff across the curriculum, building on successful (single faculty member, freshman class) first-year efforts to align NFTE curriculum with CWSP and academic benchmarks as logical content bridge between these two facets of students' Cristo Rey experience.

San Miguel High School (Tucson): To support new CWSP Curriculum Coordinator to expand upon last year's successful launch of 9th-12th grade dedicated weekly class time, collaborating with technology instructor to further integrate San Miguel/Cristo Rey developed materials, Junior Achievement materials, and AES Microsoft Office-certification prep materials (doubling dedicated class time to twice weekly for all grades in school-year 2019-2020, adding a day each year until daily instruction is achieved).

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (Twin Cities): To support a new tech-science instructional position serving both academics and CWSP, as well as provide professional development for CWSP staff to become better technical training teachers that will facilitate a future "train the trainer" model for implementation of CWSP benchmarks across the curriculum and class years.

Each awarded grant application demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of the Cristo Rey Network's four-year CWSP curriculum, reflected collaborative leadership in the planning of and participation in the project's implementation, and articulated the development of replicable resources and activities to be shared Network-wide for schools to more fully achieve Cristo Rey Network Mission Effectiveness Standard 6: "A Cristo Rey school integrates the learning present in its work program, classroom and extracurricular experiences."

Grantee schools will participate in quarterly calls facilitated by the Cristo Rey Network national office's CWSP team and will submit reports highlighting progress against the projects' activities, outputs, and outcomes.

The Fund anticipates supporting CWSP Curriculum Implementation projects at up to ten Cristo Rey schools over two years.