Blackburn College Named National University Partner
Blackburn College Named National University Partner
Jessie Fenton

Blackburn College embarks on a new chapter as the newest partner in the Cristo Rey Network National University Partner program.

April 28, 2021 – CHICAGO – Today, the Cristo Rey Network announced that Blackburn College has been named the movement's 65th University Partner with a commitment to recruit, support, and ensure Cristo Rey students' success in their post-secondary education.

"All of us at Blackburn College are so excited by the opportunity to work with the schools of the Cristo Rey Network. The alignment between essential, foundational values at the Cristo Rey Network and at Blackburn College is outstanding," stated Dr. Biermann, President of Blackburn College. "Our shared commitments to opportunity, equity, work, and excellence are a strong basis for our common work. We see great power in the opportunity to help students through our distinctive work programs."

With similar educational models, Blackburn College is one of only nine federally-recognized Work Colleges, balancing academic rigor and experiential learning where each student gains tangible experience and develops critical skills by contributing to their community, all while building a resume and earning a four-year degree. All of which aligns perfectly with the mission and vision of Cristo Rey Network schools.

"Cristo Rey Network graduates have successful careers just waiting to be uncovered," stated Stephanie Arias, Director of College Initiatives at the Cristo Rey Network. "We are confident that Blackburn College will provide them with the academic rigor and workplace opportunities to sharpen their professional skills and be career-ready."

In addition, Blackburn College is the least expensive, private four-year residential institution in Illinois, giving incoming freshmen the ability to afford quality education, work program experience, and a liberal arts degree without compromise.

Cristo Rey college enrollees, especially the class of 2021, will continue to thrive because our University Partners, like Blackburn College, commitment and dedication to our students and their future successes.

About Blackburn College

Founded in 1837, Blackburn College is a private liberal arts college located in Illinois. One of only nine federally recognized Work Colleges, Blackburn has the only program in the nation fully managed by students. Balancing academic rigor and experiential learning, each student at Blackburn gains tangible experience and develops critical skills by contributing to their community, all while building a resume and earning a four-year degree. In their 2020 Best Colleges Rankings, U.S. News & World Report recognized Blackburn College as one of the top 10 best Liberal Arts Colleges in the Nation for Social Mobility. The Center for Education & the Workforce at Georgetown University ranked Blackburn as a top performer for Earnings-Price Return - 209% (#1 in IL, #10 in the U.S.) and Net Price (#1 in IL; #11 in the U.S.). The Washington Monthly twice ranked Blackburn as the best baccalaureate college in Illinois.

About Cristo Rey Network

The Cristo Rey Network of 37 high schools delivers a career focused, college preparatory education in the Catholic tradition for students with limited economic resources, uniquely integrating rigorous academic curricula with four years of professional work experience and support to and through college. Cristo Rey partners with educators, businesses and communities to enable students to fulfill their aspirations for a lifetime of success: students are three times more likely to complete a bachelor's degree by age 24, compared to the total U.S. low-income population. Learn more.