Catholic News Agency Highlights Cristo Rey Network
Catholic News Agency Highlights Cristo Rey Network

Catholic News Agency highlights Cristo Rey Network in article "Study finds Catholic school correlates with student's self-control." The article is written in response to a recent study by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

Cristo Rey Network CEO and President comments:

"Catholic school students may exhibit more self-discipline and self-control than their peers in other schools because of the consistent and high expectations set for such behaviors by all of the adults in the school, and because of the modeling of such behaviors by both adults and older/influential students, which may serve to guide the behavioral choices of other students.

At Cristo Rey schools, non-cognitive skills referenced in the article are modeled, taught, and assessed, both in the classroom and through the Corporate Work Study Program. Thus, students are able to routinely practice and demonstrate transferable skills such as self-initiative, productivity, goal setting, persistence, and teamwork, both in the classroom and in the workplace."

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