Starting a Cristo Rey High School

“The future belongs to new models of Catholic education other than the tuition-based model. Tuition keeps going up and we keep pricing out the students and families who are most in need."

- Bishop Michael Barber, S.J., Diocese of Oakland, CA

With a commitment to opening schools that will be both financially and academically sustainable, the Cristo Rey Network has developed a clear and well-articulated Replication Process to ensure consistent quality across future member schools. After receiving approval from the local Bishop, every Cristo Rey Network school begins with a 12-18 month Feasibility Study, a thorough assessment of need and interest, to determine if a school could succeed in that community.

The School Growth Team offers a wide-range of guidance, counsel, and resources throughout each phase of the Replication Process. Support is not limited to:

  • Active participation in the Feasibility Study Committee meetings and activities
  • Onsite support via travel to key meetings and events
  • Webinars, cohort calls, and other communications designed to facilitate the sharing of best practices amongst feasibility studies, existing Cristo Rey member schools, and national office staff
  • Standardized forms, materials, and processes throughout all stages of school development

The Cristo Rey Network actively seeks to open new schools in metropolitan areas with a population of at least one million people. If your city meets these parameters and you wish to learn more about the feasibility study process, please contact the School Growth Team.

Feasibility Studies Underway
Las Vegas, NV
Miami, FL
Richmond, VA
San Diego, CA
Raleigh, NC

Target Markets for Feasibility Studies
Charlotte, NC
Nashville, TN
New Orleans, LA
Orange County, CA
Orlando, FL
Phoenix, AZ