Starting a Cristo Rey High School

“The future belongs to new models of Catholic education other than the tuition-based model. Tuition keeps going up and we keep pricing out the students and families who are most in need."

- Bishop Michael Barber, S.J., Diocese of Oakland, CA

With a commitment to opening schools that will be both financially and academically sustainable, the Cristo Rey Network has developed a clear and well-articulated Replication Process to ensure consistent quality across future member schools. After receiving approval from the local Bishop, every Cristo Rey Network school begins with an 18-month Feasibility Study, a thorough assessment of need and interest, to determine if a school could succeed in that community.

The School Growth Team offers a wide-range of guidance, counsel, and resources throughout each phase of the Replication Process. Support is not limited to:

  • Active participation in the Feasibility Study Committee meetings and activities
  • Onsite support via travel to key meetings and events
  • Webinars, cohort calls, and other communications designed to facilitate the sharing of best practices amongst feasibility studies, existing Cristo Rey member schools, and national office staff
  • Standardized forms, materials, and processes throughout all stages of school development

The Cristo Rey Network actively seeks to open new schools in metropolitan areas with a population of at least one million people. If your city meets these parameters and you wish to learn more about the feasibility study process, please contact the School Growth Team.